When world economies face challenges, employment litigation claims of all types arise. In this Quick Chat video, our Labor and Employment lawyers discuss the range of trending employment-related claims and cases and share what employers can do to best position themselves to manage impending litigation.

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Review our brochure, COVID-19 Employment Litigation on the Rise – How We Can Help, to read more about the current landscape, access useful resources and learn how our seasoned litigators can help you achieve the best resolutions for your business goals.

Litigation is a reality for virtually every company, yet it is a topic that very few organizations want to think or talk about. Our Litigation Intelligence Tool (LIT) and the accompanying report, Litigation Intelligence: Ready for Anything? make the case for focusing on litigation preparedness — offering insights into key risks and providing practical, cost-conscious steps leaders can take to prepare for the inevitable dispute.

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Paul Evans is the New York and East Coast leader for the Employment & Compensation Practice Group, residing in Baker McKenzie's New York office. He is also a member of the Steering Committee for the Firm's North American Employment & Compensation Practice. For over 20 years, Paul's practice has included representation of employers at the US state, federal and appellate level in employment discrimination class actions, ERISA class actions, employment testing and validation matters, wage and hour class and collective actions, multiplaintiff and other complex labor and employment litigation.


Kate Thompson is an associate in the Employment & Compensation Practice Group at Baker McKenzie's New York office. Kate regularly advises clients on employment policies and procedures, diversity and inclusion initiatives, hiring practices, and terminations. She also advises clients on cutting-edge legal issues under the FFCRA, CARES, FMLA, ADA, WARN and NLRA. Additionally, Kate counsels clients on complex employment litigation issues, including wage and hour, discrimination and harassment, non-compete agreements and traditional labor law issues. During law school, Kate completed several federal judicial clerkships in the District Court for the District of New Jersey for the Honorable Madeline Cox Arleo and the Honorable Michael A. Shipp.