Elżbieta Buczkowska

Elżbieta worked for more than seventeen years in governmental administration of the Republic of Poland. She was co-heading a team of lawyers in the Office for the Committee for European Integration responsible for representing the State in proceedings before the CJEU. At the State Treasury Solicitors' Office she was heading a team of lawyers responsible for court representation of the State in civil matters, in complex international arbitration cases and was involved in a number ECHR cases and international matters. After moving to private sector, Elżbieta represents clients in international proceedings as well as in domestic commercial cases. She is involved in pro bono and CSR activities throughout her career. Elżbieta has a great wealth of experience in conducting and coordinating litigation cases. Her experience focus mainly on European Union and Competition law. She has almost fifteen years' experience in litigation before Polish, European and arbitration courts. As a member of Competition Law team she focuses on European litigation in competition matters as well as on private enforcement cases before the Polish courts.

Private enforcement of competition law is gaining momentum in Poland. Although the national legislation implementing Directive 2014/104/EU on damages for competition law infringements (the “Directive”) entered into force in 2017, its provisions did not trigger as many cases as expected for the first few years. This has now changed and the possibility to seek compensation for competition law infringements is now firmly on potential claimants’ radar. The limitation period applicable to competition claims has been…