Piya Krootdaecha

Piya Krootdaecha is a member of Baker McKenzie's Dispute Resolution Practice Group in Bangkok. He has practiced law for more than 20 years, representing both domestic and international clients in a wide variety of litigation and arbitration matters. In addition to his legal practice, Mr. Krootdaecha is also a visiting lecturer for business law at a well-known university. Mr. Krootdaecha practices in international and commercial dispute resolution, and corporate criminal law. He is highly recognized for work in corporate compliance and fraud, copyrights and trademarks, restructuring and insolvency, aircraft repossession and deregistration, and labor disputes.

In brief After more than half a century, Thailand is now proceeding to de-legislate criminal offenses related to the issuance of checks. The first Thai legislation prescribing criminal offenses arising from check issuance came into effect on 13 October 1954, making Thailand one of the few countries that impose criminal liability on the dishonest use of checks. While the 1954 law significantly deterred the public from using bad checks to commit fraud and other illegal…