Wasin Lertwalaipong

Wasin is a partner in the Dispute Resolution Practice Group. He joined the Bangkok office of Baker McKenzie in April 2007 and has worked at Baker McKenzie's Sydney office during the fall of 2010 on a secondment. In 2013, he successfully obtained his MJur from Oxford University on a scholarship awarded by the Firm. Since his return to the firm, Wasin has been expanding his expertise to more areas including tax and customs law, arbitration, and class action proceedings. In May 2019, Wasin led in-depth sessions on the emerging risks of class actions and its effect on businesses in a client seminar, a collaborative event between the Bangkok, Shanghai, Sydney and Tokyo offices of Baker McKenzie. As a leading specialist, he shared his insight with clients on the types of class action cases against goods manufacturers or retailers and healthcare organization in other countries, as well as the potential types of securities fraud class actions in Thailand. Wasin works on a wide range of litigations involving construction disputes, administrative law, environmental law, taxation, criminal law, international trade, commercial law, bankruptcy, business reorganization, and inheritance disputes. He acts for globally leading corporations in a wide range of industries including automotive, telecommunication, and finance.

In brief After more than half a century, Thailand is now proceeding to de-legislate criminal offenses related to the issuance of checks. The first Thai legislation prescribing criminal offenses arising from check issuance came into effect on 13 October 1954, making Thailand one of the few countries that impose criminal liability on the dishonest use of checks. While the 1954 law significantly deterred the public from using bad checks to commit fraud and other illegal…